• Anti-Fog Lens Wet Wipes-SUPFINE

    If you clean all kinds of lenses, gently wipe both sides of the lenses with our disposable eyeglasses anti-fog wipes. After use, the foggy lenses keep 100% transparency. Compared with the anti-fogging agent, the anti-fog wet wipes cloth is easy to use, safe and non-irritating.

  • Free From Fog Lens Cloth

    Free From Fog is the anti fog lens cloth designed by optical professionals. With no damaging solvents, Free From Fog keeps lenses clear for at least 12 hours. Each cloth gives clear, fog free lenses for up to 200 uses.


    • Ensure glasses are pre cleaned

    • Remove Free From Fog cloth from the sealed packet and rub each lens front and back for a minimum of 60 seconds, ensure you get all the edges.

    • Enjoy fog free vision for at least 12 hours!

    • ​Reseal Free From Fog cloth back into the sealed packet

    • ​The Free From Fog cloth will last anywhere between 6-8 weeks depending on your use

    • ​The cloth is dry to ensure there is no residue left on your glasses

    • ​Do NOT wash or rinse the Free From Fog cloth, or use other products with the cloth

  • Nano Anti Fog Glasses Lens Cloth

    A reusable cloth that reduces occurrence of fog on the lenses .

  • Nano Anti Fog Lens Cloth – Dry

    Anti-fog eyewear cloth adopts advanced technology and contains special molecules to prevent condensation on the surface of optical products. After wiping, anti-fog layer is formed on the surface, which is not disturbed by water vapor.



    • Tear off the bag and take out the anti fog cloth
    • Breathe on both sides of each lens — This is very important!!
    • Wipe the glasses lenses with cloth for 10 seconds
    • After usage, store the cloth in the zip-lock bag and seal well
    • If needed, repeat steps 1&2



    1. Please do not wash the cloth.

    2. Because it is dry cloth, breathe on the lens at first and wipe the lens a little hard.


  • Nano Anti-Fog Mirror Cloth

    • Working principle-the lens cloth contains special molecules to prevent condensation on the lens, no longer fogging, and can be reused, the number of times of use is greater than 600
    • High-quality ultra-fine fiber material-The cleaning cloth is made of ultra-fine fiber material and adopts Japan’s unique anti-fogging technology. It is of high quality, soft and light, without leaving scratches, stripes, stains or fluff.
    • Safety first: It does not contain toxic substances such as harmful ingredients, is very soft to the touch, and is lint-free. It can be used 100% safely with glasses cleaning cloth.
    • Easy to carry: Each cleaning cloth is individually packaged to keep it fresh and moist for best results. This is a great glasses cleaning kit.
    • Application: resin lenses, coated lenses, sports glasses lenses, swimming goggles, organic glass, inorganic glass, optical glass, bathroom, helmets and other transparent glass and plastics to prevent fogging
  • Supfine Anti-Fog Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

    Why endure foggy glasses when you don’t have to? Keep your vision clear with an anti-fog cloth made from an ultra soft microfiber suede material.


    • Ultra soft microfiber suede cloth
    • Up to 200 times of use
    • Lasts up to 8-12 hours per wipe when used properly
    • Can also be used to remove dust, fingerprints, oil & other dirt from other glass surface
    • No irritating smell
    • Resealable aluminum film package
  • The AB MASK Anti-Fog Cloth

    The Reusable AB MASK Anti-Fog Cloth is designed to prevent fogging of glasses during mask wear. Each use will provide 48 hours of anti-fog and protect your lenses from smearing and dust.



    1. Clean and Dry your lens
    2. Breathe to fog up the lens
    3. Gently wipe the lens with the AB MASK Anti-Fog Cloth before the fog disappears
    4. Repeat on the other side of the lens

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