Robotic Toys

  • DreamWorks Dragons Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby...

    • HATCH YOUR OWN BABY DRAGON: Agitate baby Toothless enough until he’s ready to hatch! With light-up eyes, you can see through his egg shell, rock it to make him growl; tap to hear him tap back; clap and he’ll respond! Shake and tilt the egg until he starts to hatch!
    • BOND WITH TOOTHLESS: Teach Toothless how to fly and plasma blast! He’ll move his wings and ears as you guide him through the sky! Charge his plasma blast by holding his belly and release to see his mouth glow! If he’s hungry, feed him his fish accessory!
    • PLAY INTERACTIVE GAMES: Hatching Toothless loves to play games with you! With so many interactive games to play, ask him questions to hear his response; roar at him and he’ll roar back; pass him around to avoid the plasma blast and so much more!
    • Hatching Dragon Toothless makes a great gift for kids aged 5 and up. Requires 2 x AA batteries (included). Epic adventures await as you interact and play with your very own baby dragon, Hatching Toothless!
    • Includes: 1 Hatching Dragon (In-Egg), 1 Hatching Dragon Egg, 1 Fish Accessory, 1 Instruction Guide
  • Meccano Technology MeccaNoid G15KS, Blue

    • The Meccano Meccanoid G15 KS Personal Robot comes with over one thousand phrases and voice recognition to make your personal robot more like your best friend!
    • Download the free app from Google Play or AppStore. Works with iOS and Android.
    • Build, program and play with this fully-operational, 4-foot-tall robot, with life-like articulated limbs powered by 10 motors for realistic movement.
    • The Meccano Meccanoid G15 KS Personal Robot is for ages 10 and up. 1800mAh NiMH Battery and charger included.
    • Includes: 1223 Parts, 1 AC/DC Wall Mount Charger, 1 Rechargeable 1800mAh NiMH Battery, 1 Meccabrain, 1 LED Module, 2 Hand Tools, 8 Servos, 2 Rear Wheel asembly, 2 Motor Gearbox Assembly
  • Robo Alive Junior ZURU Battery Operated Small Fish...

    • ROBO ALIVE JUNIOR Fish: Splish-Splash there is a fish in the bathroom. Bath time really comes to life with ZURU’s new Robo Alive Junior fish
    • Great functionality: watch your fish swim and explore, then from there it can swim in multiple directions, as if by magic
    • Designed for Safety – Tested for quality and safety, and has a 4-minute power save mode.
    • Package Includes: 1 Robo Alive Junior Robotic Fish, 1 Instruction Manual, 3 AAA Batteries
    • ROBO ALIVE JUNIOR: Robo Alive Junior aims to provide your youngster with the perfect bathing companion. Bath time has never been so much fun
  • Robosapien Remix – 4 robots in 1 – with...

    • 4 robots in one. Meet Robosapien Remix! It’s 4 robots in 1 and mixes them up for fun so you never know who you’re going to get. He taps, shakes and presses his buttons to see what makes him itch.
    • Remember your fun and discover all of them. He likes to change his mind… all the time. Whether it’s an excited (white LED), silly (green), serious (blue), or confused (orange) robot, Remix will keep you entertained with over 50 sounds and reactions.
    • Arm launchers. Remix packs a punch with four interchangeable arm launchers, including his claw, mega fist, boxing glove, and plunger. Learn all the tricks he has up his sleeve!
    • Boogie with him. When he is not standing, he dances to his own rhythm. Watch Remix shuffle, glow and step to show off his moves! Also equipped with a repeating voice warp so you can make him say anything you want… Big laughs guaranteed!
    • ROBOT REBOOT. Inspired by WowWee’s best-selling Robosapien robot toys, it’s remixed for a new generation of fun! Works with 4 AAA batteries (not included). For boys and girls from 5 years old.
  • Spin Master Zoomer Pet Dalmatian

    Zoomer is the perfect family pet! With life-like expressions and voice activated commands, Zoomer is the most technologically advanced robotic dog ever made! Bring home a real new friend with Zoomer! Please note, contrary to what is said in the user instruction manual, Zoomer charges best when it is turned off. He learns tricks, speaks back and understands English, French and Spanish. Watch him bark, rollover, shake a paw and more.

  • The Learning Journey Touch & Learn – AlphaBot

    Our classic and popular AlphaBot will encourage your little one to discover the magic of letters and spelling—while introducing phonics in a fun and interactive way! AlphaBot’s primary mission is to help your child explore the land of letters and introduce spelling during early childhood development. This Robot Buddy is not your average bot. With three play modes, a colorful letter touch pad, exciting sound effects, and a cool retro design, AlphaBot will surely promote loads of learning fun!

  • The Learning Journey Touch & Learn – NumberBot

    Our classic and popular NumberBot will encourage your little one to discover the magic of numbers and mathematics – while introducing STEM in a fun and interactive way! NumberBot’s primary mission is to help your child explore the world of numbers and introduce mathematics during early childhood development. This Robot Buddy is not your average bot! With 3 play modes, a colorful number touch pad, exciting sound effects, and a cool retro design, NumberBot will surely promote loads of learning fun!

  • Zuru Robo Alive Attacking T-Rex Dinosaur Toy

    • Biting movement and realistic roar
    • Robotic-enhanced walking motion
    • Glow in the dark scar
    • Light-reflecting eyes
  • Zuru Robo Alive Junior-Crocodile

    • Unlimited Fun & Enjoyment
    • Suitable for 3 Year Above
    • Play time fun never ends with Robo Alive Juniors’ Little Croc. He walks on land and zooms through the water with a realistic biting action that captures the imagination.
    • With advanced aquatic robotics Little Croc is the perfect bath time friend. Collect all Robo Alive Juniors’ bath time friends. Batteries included.


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